We asked seven Pinays what it feels like to face their thirties. Watch the video below where they open up about their careers, love lives, journey of self-discovery, and their message to their younger selves:

Meet the women:

Sarah, Beautypreneur, 32

On how her perception of beauty has changed:

"I think beautiful then for me was super glam. You have to look polished. But as you grow older it changes and now I like girls who look naturally beautiful, parang effortless!"

Rhia, Driver Experience Manager, 27

On equality in relationships:

"Hindi ko rin kailangan ng magco-control sa ‘kin kasi partnership ‘yan eh…companionship."

Tanya, Athletic Training Coach and Pilates Studio Owner, 32

On her independence as a married woman:

"I like my activities, I like having my freedom, and I think choosing a right partner is key to that."

Bea, Advertising Account Director, 29

On responsibility at work:

"It’s also being able to teach what I know to make the team fully functional."

Paula, Sales Director, 31

On starting a family:

"I’ve been known to go on like, Twitter rants, whenever people ask me when I’m gonna have a baby. My response is the same: You will know when we decide to."

Kris, Host/Social Media Manager/Pole Fitness Instructor and Studio Owner, 31

On learning from experience:

"Everything I did in the past contributed and helped me start the business with a group and keep it running."

Maita, Community Operations Manager, 29

On facing challenges:

"Sometimes, you know, you hit some roadblocks but it’s always because you need to learn more."

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