Telling a girl friend “see you soon” is an open invitation that can go unfulfilled for months, especially when your careers are thriving and you don't know where to go. The next thing you know, the kuwento has piled up and typing into a group chat takes too much time and effort. Make it happen with these top suggestions for places to catch up with your best girls! 

PLAN: Indulge Yourselves!

When you're tired from adulting but you still want to do something kind of adult, a classy resto with nice interriors is the perfect scenario for cocktails and comfort food. You’ll also have an excuse to wear that fun summer dress and #OOTD with your friends.

1. Wholesome Table

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There’s nothing like organic, free-range meat and wine to say you’re a #TitaOfManila (loud and proud!). The place is Instagram-worthy and the food is healthy! What more could you ask for?

2. Hole in the Wall

Take your pick from the famous Bad Bird umami fried chicken, the sinful Scout’s Honor’s cookie-within-a-cookie creations, or get a plate of nachos for sharing from Posporo at Makati’s coolest food court. Drop by Smoky Bastard for a mojito or locally crafted beer.

3. Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats

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Real girls eat steak and ice cream. When you need to rant to the girls and feel better after, eat those feelings away here!

PLAN: Start a Girls Night Out with Happy Hour!

Part of the fun of meeting your girl friends is dressing up. After a long week of looking haggard, a girls night out is the perfect excuse to put on that snail essence beauty mask and have your eyebrows on fleek. With your posse in tow, alam na!

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4. 2020


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Wait, isn't this the hidden bar all the bagets have been going to? Don’t worry, 2020’s 5-7PM Happy Hour isn’t as kagulo as its tugs-tugs reputation. It’s a chic lounge with chill music. After a couple of rounds of the two-for-one cocktails, you might even be ready to dance.

5. Alamat Filipino Pub and Deli

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Calamansi lambanog cocktails never tasted so good. Paired with an interesting menu of reinvented native Filipino pulutan (kare-kare on a stick, anyone?), you’re bound to have a legendary night in Poblacion!

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