We know it's easy to feel guilty when you give youself a pampering session because of your endless to-do lists. But really, you don't need to feel bad because doing so can actually help you recharge to do more. Below, we list down some of the things you can try to treat yourself sans the guilt:

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1. Head to an express spa

This sanctuary made for busy women now has a new branch (they have one in Glorietta) nestled in Shangri-La Plaza—a perfect location for those who work in the Mandaluyong and Ortigas areas. You can treat yourself to firming massages (both for the face and body), and even have treatments that help melt cellulites without braving the EDSA traffic.

Why it's guilt-free: You can lazily multitask while getting a treatment during your lunchtime, but don't forget to take a power nap so you wake up looking and feeling great.

2. Pamper your locks

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Visit your favorite salon and ask for the L'Oreal Serie Expert treatment. Your stylist will analyze your hair, apply the suitable treatment for your current hair condition. He will then recommend the BEST and most effective products to preserve your salon-styled locks.


Why it's guilt-free: This hair pampering treatment and product line grants you better hair that requires less styling time in the morning.

3. Sip your fave drink at a quiet nook

Escape the city noise just by sitting at a quiet corner of a café with your favorite drink. If you're too tired to go outside, sip your special concoction in your bedroom! I'm personally addicted to anything with chocolate, so this hot drink can calm my mind.

Why it's guilt-free: It's basically budget-friendly, and you can even binge-watch or read while you do this.

4. Exercise!

Besides getting a toned physique, your skin will glow more, you'll feel more confident, and you'll enhance your productivity when you engage your body in a sweat sesh regularly. If you don't have time and extra money to get a gym membership, get yourself an exercise app or follow fitness YouTube videos to flex your muscles right at home.


Why it's guilt-free: This won't cost you thousands. All you need is an open space, internet access, and lots of motivation! Plus, you're taking care of your body while you have your solo time.

5. Explore your sexuality

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Getting your own vibrator may raise eyebrows, but your little secret can help you reach the big O and know what your body wants. Plus, you can do this as a solo activity or as a bonding experience with your partner!

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