Urinary tract infection or UTI is more common in women than it is in men. In fact, WebMD notes that the risk is as high as one in two women contracting them at one or several points in their lives. This condition is characterized by abnormally frequent urination, pain during urination, back aches and discomfort in your lower abdomen, and smelly, discolored urine. When UTI isn’t immediately treated, it can work its way up to your kidneys and cause fevers and chills.

In order to lessen your chances of getting UTI, here are a few things that you can do:

1. Stay hydrated.
Drinking lots of water can urge you to go to the bathroom more frequently, which flushes out bad bacteria from your urethra.

2. Drink buko juice and/or cranberry juice
Another option to help you urinate more often is buko juice, as documented research featured on Livestrong says that it's a natural diuretic. On the other hand, while cranberry juice doesn’t work for everyone, WebMD notes that it has been known to lessen the chances of growth of E. coli, one kind of bacteria that causes certain types of UTI.

3. Wash before and after intercourse.
Sexual intercourse is one of the easiest ways to contract UTI if you’re not careful with hygiene. Urinating and washing yourself before and after the deed can help you do away with bacteria that can cause the condition.

4. Wipe from front to back.
Do this especially after bowel movement to avoid getting waste and bacteria near your vagina.

5. Keep your genital clean and dry.
Wear cotton underwear, and if you wear liners, change them as often as you can. Tight and uncomfortable clothing can cause your genital area to warm and moisten, which is the perfect environment for bacteria to propagate.

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