As the saying goes, "clean space, clear mind." Whether you'd like to start the year with a mantra of "a brand new me" or you just want to get rid of the useless stuff you've accumulated, here are five easy organizing hacks to help ensure a spotless space meant to regenerate your spirit.


1. Organize your essentials using hooks and hangers.

This will take only a few minutes of your time. Attach labeled hooks by the doorway so you'll know where to get your keys and essentials.

Get creative with your hooks and hangers! Check out these ideas that you can try.

2. Segregate your belongings.

Keep your items in check by assigning different containers for your stuff. Store your work must-haves in one tray and organize your craft essentials in another. This idea will also work for your little tasks! You can have separete trays or baskets for bills, stationary, and gadgets.

Trouble in your home office? Keep it organized in 5 easy steps.

3. Clear your tabletops.

One cluttered corner can make a space look tight. This weekend, keep your table clean and clutter-free by trying to lessen the decor that you put on your coffee table. How about adding a small potted plant and small decor pieces? Use file holders to keep your magazines and reading materials.


4. Go through the refrigerator and pantry.

Most likely, you'll be visiting the supermarket sometime soon. Before you do, make sure that you've inspected the items in the fridge and cupboards. Discard expired food items and take note of the items that you need to purchase and supplies that you need to replenish.

5. Don't forget your closet.

Since you spent an entire week rummaging through cabinets looking for the perfect clothes to wear, we're sure that your closet is left in disarray. Re-organize your clothes by using must-haves such as hooks, hangers, and multipurpose containers. Be on the lookout for clothes that you can donate as well.

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