There was once a time when the most exciting part of adulthood was having the freedom to go out at night, which also meant saying yes to every invite. In your 20s, it's okay to party the night away with your friends and go to work with a hangover the next day. But as you grow older, you start realizing that there are places you just don't like going to, and you start giving up some nights out for quality nights in. For some, the first things off the list are drinking and clubbing--especially on weeknights!

Here are 10 thoughts that go through your head when you think you're too old to go clubbing:

"Isn't 10 p.m. a little late?"

You're instantly worried that your friends' plans will disrupt your nightly regimen that usually ends with you tucked in bed by most.

"Everything is too loud!"

You can't hear any of your friends, it's too dark to lip-read, and you're starting to get mild palpitations because of the speakers and flashing lights.

"I can't believe I'm paying this much for one drink."

Have drinks always been this overpriced? Why is the food so tiny and expensive? You could be saving this money to pay bills instead.

"How long do we have to be here?"

But let's be honest -- by the time midnight rolls around, you're already panicking at how you won't have enough energy for tomorrow.

"I don't know any of these songs."

Who the heck is Desiigner?!! What does EDM even mean?

"Ang daming tao."

You fail to see the fun in bumping elbows with drunk and sweaty people. Also, there just seems to be lines everywhere. Lines outside, lines to the washroom, lines to the're starting to miss the comfort of wide, open space.

"Where are all the seats?"

You wore sensible shoes and your feet still hurt. You just don't understand the appeal of a dancefloor anymore, and find yourself staring dreamily at the occupied booths.

"Is this how kids dress these days?"

Do girls really wear shirts under dresses now? Where are your parents? Nagpaalam ba kayo?

"I could be watching Netflix right now."

Or sleeping. Your bed suddenly seems like a beautiful, mystical land far, far away.

"Uwi na tayo, antok na ako."

FREEDOM! Early dinner na lang next time, please?


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