The New Year is the best time to thoroughly eliminate unnecessary, neglected, and unworn items in your closet. We know that cleaning your wardrobe space is hard and time-consuming, so we list down the best cleanout and organizing method you can follow based on your personality for more efficient results!

1. The Dirty Closet Owner

For those who have never cleaned their closets or maybe haven't organized it for years, this guide will teach you how to fit the clothes in a super clean (dust-free and disinfencted) closet.

2. The Hoarder

And if you really have too much stuff that you just want to purge your wardrobe, try this system that will bring Zen to your closet space.

3. The One Who Can't Decide

If the 'keep, toss, donate' piles don't work for you (or it's just too hard to choose which clothes have to stay), this method might be the one for you.

4. The Sentimental One

Are you one who finds it hard to let go of a piece of clothing or shoe? When you're a clingy girl, this routine will take care of your feelings while you purge your belongings.

5. The Fashion-Forward Lady

When you're a fashionista and excited to fill your cabinet with new items for 2017, here's a super effortless way to clean your closet and make room for new clothes

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