Before anything else, let's get things straight: The only legit way to get rid of split ends is by cutting them, but yes, there are ways to cheat the system. If you're still waiting for next suweldo to visiting your trusted salon, then these clever at-home tricks can temporarily keep 'em together:

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Always rinse with cold water.

There's a reason why salon stylists prefer to rinse your hair with cold water: It seals the cuticle, so obvs, this is especially helpful when you've got split ends.

Repair with a mask.

Soak your tresses in a deep-treatment mask every other day. I know it sounds extreme, but doing so allows each follicle to restore lost moisture and nourishment. The result: Super soft locks!

TRY: Pantene Intensive Hair Mask Total Damage Care, P159, Watsons

Don't forget the leave-in conditioner.

Now that we're talking about "sealing" the tips, massage a leave-in conditioner post-shower to give the split ends a protective and nourishing barrier.

TRY: Rita Hazan Triple Threat Split End Remedy, P1,750,

Stop heat-styling.

When you're on the route to repairing damaged tips, you must take a break from your curling iron, straightener, and blow-dryer. Heat makes the strands weak, which leads to frizz and split ends. But if you really want your curls and volume, you can tie damp hair into buns and let it air-dry. The result: lived-in waves!

Untangle with care.

A major culprit of split ends is the way you untangle your hair. Naturally, when you forcibly pull your knots out using a comb or brush, the tips will break. The right way to do it? Do it while you're in the shower. Use a wide-tooth comb while you're letting your conditioner seep in!

TRY: The Wet Brush Wet Comb, P349, SM Beauty


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