If dressing up in the morning were a song, its title would be, "I Have Nothing to Wear." It's fairly common to encounter mornings wherein you're rummaging through your closet, looking for the perfect outfit that will suit your mood. But sometimes, before you know it, you're already 35 mins past your scheduled departure time and late ka na naman. Be responsibile, ladies! Here, we help you streamline your mornings with these tips:

Check the weather forecast and your schedule.

Knowing what you'll be facing the next day will help you come up with your outfit. Let's say you're aware that tomorrow might be a rainy day, then be ready for possible mud stains: Refrain from wearing light-colored bottoms and slip on waterproof shoes.

Prepare your outfit the night before.

Sorry, girl, but this age-old trick is the best way to go. Since you already know majority of what you'll be doing the following day, you might as well plan your outfit, too. Look for your chosen pieces the night before, so your morning won't be a chaotic mess.

Organize your closet.

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A systematic closet will help you heaps because you have the perfect view of your possessions. You know where each item is stored, saving you minutes of frantically searching for it. Here's the easiest closet organizing trick we have found.

Decode your personal style.

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By knowing your signature style, it will be much easier to create a foolproof outfit formula you can always rely on. Alternatively, these anything but boring basic outfits will earn you fashion points, too. Another ultra-easy trick is to dress in one color, like black!

Do as the fashion stars do.

Nudes & whites for the warm weather

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Like fashion stylists and bloggers, have a rack with your favorite items on current rotation on display. When you shortlist, use the clothes you've been currently loving as your base, and you can simply add supplementary items to complete your outfit. For example, if you're crazy over a pink sweater, bring it out of your closet and start thinking of the bottoms, shoes, and accessories that will go well with it.

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