Taking photos on the beach is not all fun and games, especially if you're in a swimsuit. Any number of baffling questions could be whizzing through your mind at the very prospect: for example, how on earth are you supposed to pose? How do you avoid looking any bigger than you actually are? How do you hide problem areas? We're asking ourselves the very same thing, so you're welcome in advance! Below, we've gathered 10 Instagram girls ready to be your new fave seaside pose pegs. PSA: there's no shame in practising in front of the mirror!

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For the girl who is conscious of her puson

Ah, the bikini mirror selfie. Martine Cajucom's a certified master of the craft, so take a cue from her: make your puson area shrink by drawing your pelvis back a little—this trick also gives you a curvier silhouette! Really don't want to flaunt your frontside? Take a coquettish snap lying on your tummy (plus points for color-coordination).


For the girl who is okay with repreating swimsuits

Let us just put this out there: swimsuit repeating is totally fine! Even Jeline swears it. If you don't want your photos to look too similar to one another, make sure you pick distinctively different backgrounds, like a beautifully marbled rock formation versus a pink-tinged sunset beach.


For the girl who is a bit shy but loves the water so much

If you're the type of gal who actually swims on the beach but is a bit shy to really show off your body, then try this poses by Kiana Valenciano. Get your hair wet and flash a winning smile right in the middle of the sea, or pull a Baywatch on the shore.


For when you want to accomplish the seated pose challenge

Kim seriously owns the kind of swimsuits you would drool over, and she knows exactly how to flaunt them. Today's lesson teaches you how to look long even while seated—a challenging pose that shows the rolls. It's all about angles—throw your shoulders back and fold your legs to the side when sitting on your knees to lengthen your line. Don't forget to point your toes!


For the artsy, poetic girl

If we say so ourselves, Kimi Juan is the queen of subtle, beautifully-photographed bikini snaps. Just look at these! Take the photo from a distance and let the scenery speak for itself—you and your beach bod are the bonus.

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For the girl who loves colors


Summer's about to hit full swing, and adorable floaties will be everywhere before you know it. Make the most of yours the way Laureen Uy does—remember, a shot from above while looking over your shoulder makes your jawline look sharper and your face look smaller. Also, match your swimsuit to your backdrop: nothing pleases the eye more!

For the girl who simply likes to keep it classy


Liz Uy's beach snaps are understated yet sexy. In case you had no idea how to make a rickety bangka look like the season's unrivaled place to be, here's your solution. Show off eye-catching back details with a shot of you wading into the water, keeping your arms away from your sides so as not to hide your natural shape.

For the cheerful girl


We love looking through Mari Jasmine's seaside photos because they're just so happy—and so you should be, you're lucky enough to be on vacay, girl! Use the "props" made available to you, like your fave straw sunhat or that surfboard you've been wrestling to stand on for the past hour. Don't forget to smile wide!

For when you'd like to fire up your summer pictures


A shot lying down is great for looking lean (your bulges disappear), so make like Renee and swing onto the nearest hammock. Be sure the photo is strategically-taken, though: ideally from above and slightly angled so that you don't look oddly flat in the wrong places. Also, don't be afraid to lean on something—it's a subtle way to push your bum out and give you that hourglass figure. Tiptoe so your legs look extra toned!

For the girl who wants the right amount of sexy


When taking a photo from behind, pull your shoulders up slightly so that your back muscles are flexed. You'll look like you spent some sweet time in the gym. Want a shot highlighting a bikini detail you're in love with? En's gorgeously mooody, wind-whipped, beach-waved closeup would look great on your feed.

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