In case you haven't noticed the evidence on the well-curated feeds of Instagram's most stylish, the blazer trend's been blazing full-force. Still, you have to admit: The suit jacket isn't always the most flattering choice of outerwear, especially in this season's favorite oversized silhouette. Padded shoulders may or may not make you look wider than you actually do you want to know the secret to reversing the effect all the way around? Cinch with a belt! It's the solution du jour, and below, we'll gladly show you five different ways to rock it yourself.


1. Simply hop into your favorite jeans, then layer some dainty gold necklaces à la Aimee Song.

Easiest trick in the book! Don't forget the Matrix sunnies and tiny monogrammed handbag!

2. Talk about a new way to style the little white dress.

Kayleigh Li toughens her gossamer number up with punk-flavored touches like studs and black leather.

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3. Save that leftover length of rope for your next fashion experiment.

Here's an adorably leggy peg, care of StyleNanda model Sora Park!

4. Belt bag fever fits in here perfectly, too.

Loulou de Saison shows you how to turn it sleek, not street.

5. Toss on two belts and nonchalantly shrug a shoulder off like Moka Kakumoto.

The more, the merrier, they do say! Too cool.


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