Whenever you have to wear new shoes, trek long distances, or simply survive in high heels, blisters pop out of your feet. You get blisters when your skin constantly chafes with the insole of your shoes. To avoid agony in the future, follow these tips:

Smother petroleum jelly on your feet
Lubrication is the first key to prevent friction. Petroleum jelly keeps abrasion at bay all throughout the day. Dab on the areas where your feet usually rub against your shoes.

Use foot cushions

Stick foot cushions like Foot Secret's Heel Wings (P309 at Glorietta and Zalora) to the usual problem spots like the back of the feet. There are also tiny cushions to protect the toe mounds (the protruding bones at the sides of your feet) from hitting the insole.

Be certain that your shoes are the right size
When your tootsies don't have extra room to move, blisters are inevitable. Trying your shoes on and walking in them while you're in the store can help assure you that it's going to be a good fit.

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