It's no secret that girls with lighter skin tones can pretty much wear any color under the sun. Us morenas, on the other hand, have to work just a bit harder to find the perfect shades that will flatter our dark brown complexion. But while we believe there's no limit to what you can wear, why not amp up your confidence level and bring out your true radiant golden glow with these morena-approved outfit tips.


1.  Neutral colors always work for any kind of skin tone, but an all black ensemble will particularly bring out the gold tones in your dark complexion.


2.  When in doubt, an all-white outfit will never let you down for a fresh and clean look that's sure to make your skin look richer. Accentuate with a pop of red for extra flavor.


3.  Try out a muted grey mini dress to elicit a softer contrast against your skin and add on a varying shade of the same color like Isabelle Daza's blazer for added dimension.

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4. Elevate your LBD and sunkissed glow by throwing on a denim jacket in a light blue wash.

5. Ready to step out of your safe neutrals? Earth tones are every morena's best friend. Mix and match lighter shades like cream with darker yet still slightly muted hues like Nadine Lustre's pale plaid orange tube top.



6. If you're looking for a pop of color that's still on the earthy side, dark greens look great against a beachy sunkissed tan.


7. There's a general rule for morena ladies to avoid bright colors like yellow or orange as they tend to dull down your complexion. The easy fix around this if you're the sunny type? Try out these particular colors in paler shades like Chi Gibbs' mustard belted dress.


8. Yet another workaround for the no bright colors rule? Millenial pink, of course! Pair the hue with neutral shades like a black T-shirt and you're golden, quite literally.


9. Sharp red trousers matched with a pale pink off-shoulder blouse can do wonders to bring out a rich brown glow to your skin.



10. If you don't have a muted option, your best bet is to limit a bright color to one piece in your outfit. Pair it with neutrals or non-invasive shades like denim blue jeans to ensure the pop of color still draws out a little bit of pizzaz to your look.


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