Sure, it’s a wardrobe staple that can be mixed and matched with just about anything. But do you really know how to give your jeans the proper TLC? With these hacks, you’ll not only help extend the life of your favorite pair, you’ll also and get it to fit you even better. Read on to learn more.

Don’t wash them often
Newsflash: Your jeans do not need frequent washing. Before the clean freak in you starts to panic, read this: Jeans fade faster and the fabric becomes weaker with frequent washing. Also, body oil and environmental elements add character to your pair. Yup, sometimes, it pays not to be too OC.

Freeze them instead
According to Levi’s USA’s Jill Guenza, VP of Women’s Design, a cool way (pun intended) to disinfect your indigo pair is to store your used jeans in a bag, preferably one where the denim can breathe, and pop it in the freezer overnight.

A little bit of alkie helps
Another unconventional method to keep the stink away is to turn your jeans inside out, brush off dead skin, and spray vodka all over. The alcohol content in vodka kills odor-causing bacteria.

Be gentle
When it’s time to wash your jeans, ditch the washing machine, and do it by hand instead. Turn your pair inside out and use a mild detergent with cold water to get rid of dirt. No need to scrub, just leave them in the basin for a few hours. This trick also helps lock in the color of your jeans.

Remove stains mildly
Put that bleach down! Aside from altering your jeans’ color, bleach causes the fabric to deteriorate. Here’s what to do instead: Take off stains while they’re still fresh. Scrape the stain off, rub with a mild cleanser, and wipe off with a napkin. If it’s an old stain, moisten a paper towel with vinegar then dab it on the affected area before throwing in the wash.

Drying is a major factor in keeping its shape
Never wring them because they’ll lose their shape. Instead, place your jeans in your spin dryer and hang them to air-dry.

Welcome rips and tears
With frequent use, denim jeans fall apart. When you start to see the indigo color fade and rips start to appear, don’t throw your pair out just yet. Go with the flow and start distressing your jeans. Remember, denim, just like wine, gets better with time. The fabric becomes softer and is able to hug the contours of your booty and legs much better than when you first bought it.

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