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Keeping up with all things Valentine’s, we’re putting the spotlight on lingerie. Whether basic bras, granny panties, thongs, or sexy skivvies, they hug your womanly curves and can even enhance ’em to (near) perfection. Also, lingerie has that psychological effect that makes you feel like a hot vixen, ready to turn heads. Give back some lovin’ to your go-to sexy intimates with these care and handling tips.

Do it gently. Just like with clothes, separate dark and light fabrics. Hand wash them in lukewarm water with a mild, alcohol-free detergent to prevent the elastic and fabric from wearing out. Rinse with cold water.

Remove dirt gently. Soak your intimates in soapy water to allow dirt to separate easily. Just make sure not to submerge them for more than hour because this may affect your undergarment’s elasticity, color, and the quality of the fabric. Dealing with stubborn dirt? Softly rub the fabric to remove the filth.

Take extra precaution when you machine-wash. If you prefer to use the washing machine, close the clasps of the bras and place your brassieres and panties in separate laundry bags before throwing them into the wash.

Hang dry. Maintain the shape of your bras and knickers when you hang them dry. After washing your padded bras, reshape the cups while they’re still damp.

Give your bras a rest. You can reuse a bra for a maximum of two to three wears. After that, it’s time to give them a wash. This is the main reason why you should have a good stock of intimates you can use on rotation.

Preserve them.
Since lingerie is usually gossamer-thin and lacey (Translation: Delicate), place them in a different drawer, separate from your regular clothes.

Stack them. Retain the shape of molded cups by stacking them in your drawer. Never fold in the cup into the other because this will destroy the shape and cause unsightly lumps to appear.

(Photo from Instagram.com @nastygal; GIF from Giphy.com)

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