Good news: there are tons of costume jewelry available in the market that look expensive despite the affordable price tag. The catch? Most of them tarnish or turn our skin green when we wear them. Their glory days are shorter than the real deal. To avoid this, try the simple hacks below.

1. Coat them clear.
Brushing a thin coat of clear polish will help sustain their sheen. Plus, going over stones with a topcoat provides a protective layer that prevents them from falling out.

2. Clean them.
Just like with gold and silver, removing dirt and body oil from your jewelry will maintain their brilliance. Lightly scrub them using your fingers and mild soap. Refrain from soaking them in water because this will take away their luster. Remember, the less water, the better.

3. Don't take them with you in the shower. 
Again, too much water will damage them. Plus, the chemicals from the luxurious body washes you're using may not be good for them. 

4. Store them properly.
Do not get all your jewelry tangled by dumping them all (earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces) in one box. Use a pretty saucer to place your most-worn bling, and place your other accessories in separate boxes.

PHOTO: Pixabay

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