In the Philippines, one in every five Filipino women up to 49 years of age have experienced some form of physical violence since the age of 15 according the to the National Statistics Office. What is more concerning is that women are being blamed for the attacks, especially attractive women. Good looks and fashion sense are often being misconstrued as “flirtatious” actions that provoke men to violence but there really is only one person responsible: the perpetrator. This is not only a trend locally but globally as well, enough for it to be declared a “silent violent epidemic” by the American Medical Association. Thus, there is a need for women to learn how to protect themselves with whatever is available. In most instances, that would be their favorite fashion pieces.

In response to this, Preview Magazine, the authority on fashion and beauty in the Philippines, and advertising agency Publicis JimenezBasic partnered with self-defense experts to carefully devise practical techniques for women, on how to use their fashion accessories to protect themselves in a campaign called, “Fashion Is Power.”

Launched in the September issue of Preview Magazine, Fashion Is Power featured the latest in fashion turned into self-defense weapons. Moves like the bag slap, the stiletto strike, the umbrella stab were some of the techniques that were featured in a multiple-spread fashion editorial.

A-list celebrities, Georgina Wilson and Ellen Adarna, volunteered to demonstrate some of these techniques in a series of online tutorial videos. The two videos show how simple accessories, like a bling ring and stiletto heels, can be turned into articles of self defense against attackers. Two more videos featuring other popular personalities are also in the works.

“This is a much, much needed advocacy in a country where 23,865 cases of violence against women were reported last year. The unreported ones, not included. Which means, over 65 women face violence and harassment every single day,” says Pauline Juan, editor-in-chief of Preview.

With attractive and fashionable women being most at risk from violence, self defense is becoming increasingly important for them to protect themselves and prevent further assault.

“We want to empower women to use whatever they’re wearing to protect themselves and defend themselves in times of need. The techniques that we devised with the help of practical self-defense experts are not meant to fight-to-kill, but to help women buy time to run and ask for help when attackers harass them,” adds Vince Uy, creative director of the magazine.

Preview Magazine and Publicis JimenezBasic will also hold events and classes in cooperation with martial arts studios to teach women basic self defense including how to turn whatever you’re wearing into weapons that will come in handy in times of need. Publicis JimenezBasic is the agency behind advocacies for big local brands such as Jollibee’s Maagang Pasko and Lucky Me’s Kainan Pamilya Mahalaga.

You may view the released videos via YouTube, please see links below. Two more videos featuring other popular personalities are also in the works. See Georgina Wilson's video here and Ellen Adarna 's video here.

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