Whatever you may call it—double-sided tape, fashion tape, or boob tape—this nifty invisible adhesive is a cool solution to many fashion dilemmas. Originally created to keep the girls in place (a.k.a. prevent a nip slip), double-sided tape can also perform other style miracles. Scroll down to find out more!

Control the fold of collars and plackets.
1Have you ever wanted to leave the first two buttons of your dress shirt undone, but they just won’t lay flat? Collars and plackets (the panel where buttons are sewn) tend to misbehave. Keep them in the exact fold or flap you want them to be by sticking double-sided tape underneath. 

Test out a crop top.
1The fastest way to shorten a long shirt without a pair of scissors is to tuck the shirt's hemline using double-sided tape. This way, you can give your shirt a DIY makeover without committment. 

Keep the end of a belt in place.
1Ugh. Don’t you hate it when a belt seems too long, and the next belt loop is too far to secure it? Thankfully, our sticky savior does the job well.

PHOTO: Instagram @Aimee Song, @Madi Ross, @Chiara Ferragni 

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