Mom and daughter duo Apples Aberin and Sam Sadwhani are two stylish women who know how to master classic style that's never boring. Apples started as a sought-after fashion model when she was just 16, and now she's the Head of Public Relations for Unilever Philippines. Sam takes cues from her stylish mom, and seeing her OOTDs proves that Apples is indeed a good fashion mentor. Luckily, during Uniqlo's Comfort Beauty launch, these two ladies were generous enough to share the style rules they always rely on:


1. Owning a lot of clothes doesn't always make your fashion life easier. 

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Having a good wardrobe foundation consisting of timeless basics will make dressing up easy. Having these essentials can guarantee creating everyday outfits a breeze. Sam shares, "Invest in timeless basics. We try to keep it simple but classy. Ever since I was a kid, the one thing my mom always taught me was to choose quality." 

"And of course according to my budget—so affordability is key," she further adds.

2. Fit and fabric is an important factor.

Sam adds, "Always consider the fit and fabric." Looking polished relies on how a garment hugs your body. If it's too tight, it can show areas that you want to remain unseen. When it's too big, you tend to look shabby. 

"Fabric means comfort. If something doesn’t fit right, then it’s not comfortable at all," Apples explains.


3. Make it 'YOU.'

Apples advises that you can own your look and avoid your basic items from looking too basic and boring by adding a trendy piece. "You need to inject your personal style. What is style or fashion without it. It’s going to be really generic," she tells.

In considering trends, Apples recommends that you still prioritize being comfortable in it. "It’s also important that it reflects your personality. A lot of people get into trends, but it’s not really "them." What’s important is it’s something that you like, love or you’re comfortable in," she clarifies.

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4. Work with your assets.

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"Always bring out what you love most about yourself. If you love your legs, [then] wear shorts, or [if you love] your arms, wear tank tops. Just know your body type. Know what flatters [your body], and work around it," Sam details.


Apples then continues to cite celebrities who dress for their body types:

"Jada Pinkett Smith is petite, but she looks great. It’s because she knows how to create the long lines by using one color from head to foot. Or you know, using silhouettes that are close to the body so she looks longer. People take it for granted (dressing for your body type), and probably think it’s frivolous. But it’s important to know these things so we feel good about ourselves.

"Oprah, for example—how do you dress if you have an Oprah type of body? And a lot of women do! You choose the right material that has a bit of structure; that doesn’t cling like jersey that will show every fold. It’s creating the proper silhouette and proportion at the end of day," Apples points out.

5. Good, high quality innerwear is everything.


"I’ve been giving self-improvement seminars since I was in my late 20s, I would give this (advice) to models as well, or [to women] in corporations, and I must say, that the right innerwear is the most important thing. Support is a must. You’re going to look good and feel good if you wear the right innerwear. You must choose innerwear that doesn’t constrict," Apples instructs.

"Panty lines are a no-no, and you don’t have to wear a thong to not have pantylines. There are other options like seamless panties [available in the market,]" she suggests.

6. Think if the piece falls under the 'easy on, easy off' category.

If a piece of clothing needs extra effort to put on or take off, you'll most likely not wear it often. "The mantra is easy on, easy off. Clothes that need help in zipping up, or [those] when you go to the bathroom and you can’t remove it—that’s really stressful," Apples reveals. 


"Choose clothes that are simple and uncomplicated," Sam says.

"Let’s simplify our lives because we already have complicated lives," Apples concludes.

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