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Is your relationship with shopping more of a love-hate one? Case in point: You often find yourself having to deal with the high of spotting a fab dress and quieting that inner voice that tells you it’s really an impractical buy—but you go ahead and swipe your plastic, anyway. Sure, you needed to take it home, but when the bills come in, you’re stuck with a heavy, guilty feeling called buyer’s remorse. To avoid retail regrets, follow our shopping tips below.

1. Check your closest

Inspect your closet and take inventory of what you see. Ask yourself if you have too much of a certain item like floral dresses, jeans, or band shirts. Chances are you don’t need another one of these. But if you’re missing key pieces in your wardrobe or most of them don’t fit well anymore, then by all means, shop away!

2. Set a budget
Knowing how much you can spend will save you time and retail heartache. Only visit stores where you can actually afford the merchandise. Sure, you can walk into high-end boutiques to get outfit inspo—just make sure you actually have the will power to walk away from the, too. You wouldn’t want to end up falling in love with and charging those uberexpensive shoes (yup, the ones that cost triple your monthly salary!) to your card!

3. Beware of the “Sale” sign

Bargains are enticing…that’s why they can also play tricks on your brain. Just because the items are dirt cheap doesn’t mean you need to buy them or that you need them. Contemplate well if you can really maximize the cost-per-wear of the coveted piece. Some things to think about: Will this new item work well with the existing pieces in your wardrobe? Does the cut flatter your figure and make you feel confident? Can you style it in more than one way?

4. Map out your shopping route
Going through the racks without a game plan is clearly a waste of time. As soon as you enter the store, explore the aisles counter-clockwise. That way, you won’t miss spots with awesome buys.

5. Go around the store twice
As you look through the racks for the first time, you get the overall feel of the boutique, and probably pick up some standout items. Go slower on the second round so you can spot even more fab clothes that you didn’t notice earlier.

6. Fit is a major factor

If a certain piece needs minor alteration (say, a shorter hemline), that’s fine, but if it’ll too much work (say, weight loss or a bigger bust line) for you to pull it off, just put the item on the reject pile, stat!

7. Insta-glam
Every piece of clothing you plan to purchase must have that instant “wow factor” on you—that kilig feeling you get because you feel amazing in it. If your eyes don’t light up immediately when you slip on something, don’t buy it… And review rule #2!

8. Trust your instincts

We know asking for a second opinion from your BFF or getting the advice of the friendly sales girl makes you feel good, but going with your gut should be your first priority. You know your self better, and you’re paying for it!

(Photo from; @vigorella_aus)

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