1. You're really not sure how you feel about it.
If you try it on and don't instantly say to yourself, "Yes. This is totally me. I love this," then don't get it. You probably have enough clothes in your closet that you feel lukewarm about already. Save your money for something that really excites you.

2. It doesn't go with anything you own.
Don't let yourself be hypnotized by a pretty display or a well-styled outfit. There's a reason you don't own anything lime green and ruffly yet.

3. You can't think of at least two ways to wear it. 
Two ways to wear it using clothes you already own, that is. The last thing you want is to buy a top believing that it will only look good with a certain kind of bottom that you don't own and end up never finding. 

4. It requires special underwear you either don't own or hate wearing.
Are you really going to step into a G-string and tape your boobs up just so you can wear some dress? Really? Really!?

5. It's a piece of crap.
You know when something isn't well made: the fabric is flimsy, the seams are uneven, the prints don't line up, it's covered with a bunch of cheesy, cheap-a*s embellishments etc. etc. etc. If you love something, you can probably find a better-made version that will last a lot longer just by doing a little research online and if you don't love it, well, you really shouldn't be buying it anyway. 

6. You feel the need to change your body in some way to make it work.
"This will be perfect once I loose these last 5 lbs." Don't do that to yourself. You're perfectly fine just the way you are. Besides, when has that sort of thing ever really worked anyway? 

7. It's uncomfortable.
Very few people have the fashion dedication to wear something they don't like the feel of. Don't waste your time convincing yourself that this time, this piece of clothing, will change all that for you. It won't. Just to be honest with yourself and don't waste your money. 

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