Do you feel like you need to step up your everyday looks or think your wardrobe needs a major change? We've all been in the same fashion rut as you have, which is why we're here to help and dish a few tips. Giving your personal style an upgrade or a fresh look is a lot easier than you think, from simply cleaning your closet to finding the color palette that suits you, we've got the seven steps you need to do for a great style makeover.

1. Declutter.

 							<i>7 Steps to Upgrading Your Personal Style</i>


Having too many clothes and options but never knowing what to wear is a big problem. This will not only overwhelm you by having to search for what you want all the time, but it will also leave you with settling with whatever it is you actually see in front of you. Take this as a sign to clean up your closet and get rid of the items you no longer wear or remember. Be honest and be strong for this first step. You can do!

2. Get inspo for your new style.

 							<i>7 Steps to Upgrading Your Personal Style</i>

It's really good to have inspiration on hand for when it comes to your looks and outfits. Create a Pinterest board of the looks you want to create or even save photos for outfit inspo in your camera roll. This way you have a daily reminder or idea of the style or looks you really want to put together based on pieces you already have. This will also prevent you from impulse shopping for more things you might not even wear.

3. Know your go-to looks and pieces.


 							<i>7 Steps to Upgrading Your Personal Style</i>

Knowing really is half the battle, especially for mornings when you're in a rush. By going through your board or camera roll of outfit or style inspiration, you can create your set of go-to outfits which then becomes your signature looks! Pointing this out can really define your style and make dressing up every day a lot easier.

4. Have a signature color palette/print combo.

 							<i>7 Steps to Upgrading Your Personal Style</i>

Go through your closet and check out the dominant colors or patterns you own. Whether it's filled with neutral pieces or bold hues, it's best to know your closet's color palette so you can easily create and combine different color combos for fresh and fun new looks weekly.

5. Know your fave accessories.

 							<i>7 Steps to Upgrading Your Personal Style</i>

Knowing what your favorite and go-to accessories also makes dressing up easier. It's also best if you organize your accessories well so you can see your options in one look. This also gives you the chance to spice up your looks, so we suggest having a good variety.

 							<i>7 Steps to Upgrading Your Personal Style</i>

Fit is really everything. So before buying anything or choosing to keep an item, make sure it fits you best right now. This is the only true way to find the style and looks that suit and flatter YOU best.

7. Only add to your closet if it fits your style in the next year or five.

 							<i>7 Steps to Upgrading Your Personal Style</i>

After you've managed to do all the previous steps, make sure that when you go shopping again, it's with a purpose. Before purchasing anything make sure that whatever you buy fits into your current wardrobe and style as well as how you imagine your look to be in the next year or five years down the road.

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