Being a plus-size fashionista is not an easy thing. You have to deal with your body image issues and be comfortable with the stares that you'll definitely get while strutting around in your outfit. Luckily, we can all look to our favorite plus-size bloggers, who don't only teach us how to find our own style, but also inspire us to love the body that we are in, for inspiration!

1. GabiFresh

Probably one of the first plus-size bloggers that gained the attention of the media, Gabi flaunts her curves in outfits that are classy and edgy at the same time. Gabi’s style could be seen as polished and girly, but she adds little quirks to make it more interesting. She's never afraid to wear clothes that bare a little skin. In fact, she recently launched a line of two-piece swimwear that caters to the plus-size community.

2. Nadia Aboulhosn

This girl might very well be known as the more curvaceous Kim Kardashian. With her dark hair and sexy stare, she has men following her every step. It also helps that this girl knows how to play with the camera. Her pictures are all about sexy peek-a-boo tops and short shorts. If not playing a hottie, Nadia likes to strut in OOTDs that are street style-inspired.

3. Tess Holiday of effyourbeautystandards


This blog encourages body positivity and breaks fashion standards of what one can or cannot wear depending on their body type. Created by top plus-size model, Tess Holiday, it aims to help girls of different sizes and shapes have fun and experiment with different kinds of clothing. The blog also features different girls that did have fun and broke fashion rules.

4. Arti Olivia Dubey

Arti is a Southeast Asian plus-size blogger who speaks the truth on the struggles of being a plus-size girl in a region where most women are petite. Her blog consists of OOTDs that are both fun and classy. This girl also poses a strong opinionated voice in body positivism and her Instagram account is proof of her advocacy. Despite the fact that her contemporaries are way smaller, she keeps a stack of bikinis that make her happy. Talk about being comfortable in how you look.

5. Anastazcia and Danah Gutierrez of


The Gutierrez twins started blogging about their journey of being plus-size fashionistas way back. The once fashion blog has now turned into an advocacy, then an online magazine that teaches readers how to love their body and just be proud and happy with their own skin.

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