1Some girls are born with a silver spoon and an unlimited shopping budget. While you save up to purchase a new top, they can easily drop P10,000 in a single shopping spree. But just because you don't have dear dad's credit limit doesn't mean you can't look it. Here, we enumerate budget-friendly fashion hacks that'll make you look like an heiress.

1. Have a style uniform.
Think sophisticated LBDs or cigarette trousers. Wear a certain style long often enough and people will soon learn to associate it with you.

2. Keep it sleek and neat.
Polished details, sharp tailoring, and sleek silhouettes give people the impression that you're well-to-do. So do sheath dresses, ladies-who-lunch outfits, or anything that seems straight out of the Hamptons. Don't forget to keep your hair and makeup neat and classic, too.

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3. Stick to the basics.
Privileged girls stock up on high-quality basic items like genuine leather totes and sleek ballet flats.

4. Wear only authentic products.
Stay away from Class AAA finds. You’re only fooling yourself. A manufacturer can copy the exact design of the real deal, but the quality of craftsmanship will never be the same.

5. Logo mania is a no-no.
Do not put brands on display. It’s like shoving the price tag on your seatmate’s face.

6. If you’re going to wear anything, make sure it’s in pristine condition.
Ditch peeling bags. Nicks on your shoes also send the wrong message. If you want to look expensive, you should appear like you're well taken care of.

7. Go big or go home.
If you need to hide your peepers from the sun, do as Jackie O does: Oversize it!

8. Add a belt.
1A cinched waist eliminates shabbiness in an instant.

9. Stick to bridal nails.
Neutral and muted nail polish is the way to go, as neon and acrylic can look tacky.

10. Go over to the dark side.
Invest in a pair of dark denim jeans because they're a versatile item you can wear for both day and night. Keep them casual with sneaks or dress them up with high heels.

11. Smell rich.
The scent of luxury is usually accompanied by soft, clean, and floral notes. Just be careful not to overspray.


12. Go for simple jewelry.
While wearing a piece of statement jewelry is a quick way to look fancy, it can be quite tricky to pick one that doesn't look cheap. Anything that screams will make you look like you're trying too hard. Pearls are a safe bet. Sure, it looks tita, but Coco Chanel did not obsess over them for nothing.

13. Make sure it fits.
If your pants are too loose or too long or if the sleeves of your shirt are too wide, you'll look sloppy and second-rate even if you splurged your entire bonus on it. Be friends with your modista to alter your outfits to your size.

14. Keep your underwear undercover.
No visible bra straps and panty lines, please! Seamless underwear is available everywhere, so there's no excuse not to own one.

15. Favor monochrome dressing.
Wearing shades of the same earth color (black, brown, camel, khaki, and white) from head-to-toe will always make you look sharp and chic—one main reason why fashion editors and bigwigs are always in black or camel. You can never go wrong with it.

PHOTO: Instagram @Nicole Warne, @Peony Lim

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