There is a common notion that for one to look classy and stylish, she has to have a wardrobe worth millions. But with proper curation and careful shopping, one can be effortlessly chic and stylish. Simply take note of our tips below:

1. Embrace your shape

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Each of us was born with a unique body type, so what looks good on a celebrity won't necessarily mean that the same outfit will have the same result on you. Knowing your unique shape can help you discover the best clothing styles that would work well on you. If you're clueless, these outfits can be a good place to start with since they are perenially flattering on all body types. 
Also, size labels shouldn't bother you. If your pants size is 28, then get a pair in that size because that will hug your curves right. When you try to squeeze in a size 26, your booty will look bigger and your thighs will seem like they're being caged in aka mukhang suman.


2. Don't be afraid to experiment

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Sure, we're all for classic dressing, but there's nothing wrong with wearing a trendy, statement piece one in a while. Why not try an embroidered varsity jacket along with your basic LBD? This practice adds instant, unexpected impact to your look.

3.  Refrain from pressuring yourself to look perfect

Fashion is about expressing oneself. If you prefer flats over heels, then go ahead and ditch the heels! Or if you're all for a messy bun rather than a sleek 'do, then go for it! This rule also goes with thinking that every piece of clothing you own should cost more than a P1,000—it's all about the craftsmanship of the item, and not the price tag. You don't need to achieve what other people perceive as perfect. Otherwise, you'll look stiff, unhappy, and not yourself.

4. Cleanliness is key

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While we have said that perfection is not necessary, looking pristine in terms of wearing stain- and wrinkle-free clothing and dirt-free shoes is vital. Think of it this way: You can instantly appear expensive by just washing and ironing your clothes well and by keeping your footwear clean! 

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