Your skincare, beauty, and hygiene routines don't have to be bad for the environment. When it comes to shopping for your makeup and skincare essentials, know that there are tons of eco-friendly alternatives. To help you start your zero-waste beauty journey, we rounded up 10 products you should consider switching to for the love of Mother Earth. 

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1. Solid Shampoo and Conditioner

No plastic bottles? No problem. You can still have a healthy hair routine using shampoo and conditioner bars. Like soap, bars can produce a decent lather for a deep cleanse. Some are even infused with essential oils that address specific concerns!

TRY: Ecobar Shampoo Bar, P150; Conditioner Bar, P180, Ecobar

2. Bar Soap

As long as it's packaged in recyclable paper, any kind of bar soap is an eco-friendly addition to your shower routine.

TRY: Suds Soap Bars, P180 each, Suds

3. Refillable Liquid Soap

If you prefer body wash, opting for one in a glass bottle is your best bet. Glass is completely biodegradable and a great reusable alternative for plastic-packaged products.

TRY: Ritual Orange Liquid Soap, P170, Ritual

4. Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Some ingredients found in sunscreen (e.g. oxybenzone and octinoxate) have been said to cause coral bleaching and damage to marine animals. Avoid them if you want to do your part in protecting the environment!

IMAGE Human Nature

TRY: Human Nature SafeProtect SPF 30 Sunscreen, P299.75, Beauty Bar

5. Reusable Cotton Pads

Instead of tossing out cotton pads every time you use your toner or micellar water, opt for washable pads. That's one less product off your shopping list every month!

TRY: Greenpads Reusable Facial Rounds, P150 for 15 pieces, Greenpads


6. Reusable Feminine Pads

Other than menstrual cups, you can also switch your regular feminine napkins with cloth pads that you can reuse every month. 

TRY: Binibining Lakambini Cloth Pads, P160 to P380, Binibining Lakambini

7. Tooth Powder

Want to ditch those toothpaste tubes? A glass-packaged tooth powder can give you that same fresh and clean feeling.

IMAGE Matenara

TRY: Matenara Tooth Powder, P75, Matenara

8. Bamboo Toothbrush

Since we replace our toothbrushes often, it's more eco-friendly to use ones made of biodegradable materials. For this, we highly suggest using a bamboo toothbrush instead.

TRY: Human Nature Minka Bamboo Toothbrush, P199, Human Nature

9. Safety Razors

This one's a bit of an investment, but definitely worth it. Compared to disposable razors, you'll only need to buy this safety razor once and simply replace the blades when necessary.

IMAGE Lazada

TRY: Parker 22R Butterfly Open Gunmetal Finish Safety Razor, P1599, Lazada

10. Refillable Palettes

Shop for makeup like a pro by getting yourself a customizable makeup palette. Instead of purchasing several products with bulky plastic packaging, you can opt for small metal pans. This way, it's more travel-friendly, too!

TRY: Ellana Minerals Gaia Magnetic Makeup Palette, P499 (palette only), Ellana Minerals

TRY: Inglot Flexi Eco Palette, P1695 (palette only), SM Megamall

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