Your face reveals what's really going on in your body, and breakouts don't just show up without reason. Below, we lay down the usual culprits behind a nasty zit.

Area: Chin, Jawline, or Neck

Culprit: During your period, hormones go cray and mess up your skin: You produce more oil, and therefore, your pores are more susceptible to clogging.
Prevent it: Since you can’t predict where exactly a zit will pop up, make it a habit to level up your skin care routine when Aunt Flo’s visit draws near. Lather up with a cleanser with tea tree oil, refine pores using a toner with witch hazel extract or salicylic acid, and dab benzoyl peroxide gel on the chin, jawline, and neck.

Area: Nose or Forehead
Culprit: Stress triggers adrenaline to instruct your oil glands to produce more slick on the T-zone.
Prevent it: If you’re weaving through hell week, apply acne-fighting skin care products on your T-zone or all over your face.

Area: Hairline
Culprit: Piling on hair products. Our frizz-fighting and hair-smoothening potions may be good for our strands but may be too rich for the skin on the hairline. The rich formulas can block the pores and cause breakouts.
Prevent it: In the shower, cleanse your face after you shampoo and condition. Scrub the area near the hairline with a gentle facial wash to get rid of excess hair product. When you’re styling your hair, make sure you wash your hands before touching your face. Also, it may help if you apply toner on the hairline to make sure it’s squeaky clean.

Area: Cheeks
Culprit: Dirty phone, dirty hands, or dirty sheets! When anything filthy touches your face for an extended period, bacteria can move to your skin’s surface and wreak havoc!
Prevent it: Clean your phone with an anti-bacterial wipe, wash your hands always, and change your sheets at least once a week.

Area: Mouth
Culprit: Surprise! Your diet. Some foods possess ingredients that may irritate your skin like vinegar-based dressings. Plus, greasy fare like crispy pata, lechon, and French fries may leave oily remnants around your mouth that can block pores and bring about skin eruptions.
Prevent it: Wipe away leftover food with a facial cleansing wipe.

Area: Chest and Back
Culprit: Your skin may be suffocating from the sweat-soaked fabric of your bra and shirt. Cotton shirts absorb sweat, and they cling to your skin, turning it into a breeding area for zit-causing bacteria.
Prevent it: Wear fabrics that keep your skin dry as you sweat during a workout sesh. Look for bras and shirts made of polyester-spandex blend and microfiber. Also, shower or change into fresh clothes as soon as you can.

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