How many times have we encountered various tales from dermatologists that caution us about the imperativeness of preventive measures especially when it comes to anti aging? "Stick to a proper diet, avoid alcoholic beverages, don’t smoke, and always wear sunscreen," they always say. If you understand the importance of good skin care then you stick with these doctrines like your very life depends on it. Wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging can in fact be caused by the most uncommon culprits that age our skin. Here is a list of weird things that can age our skin.


1. Fake nails

How many of us have stopped to consider that nails can affect our aging process? To be clear however, it’s acrylic nails that have been found to cause skin aging. The application, filling and removal process of fake nails can result to thickening, inflammation, and extreme damage in the cuticles. Furthermore, the use of acrylic nails is often associated to the character of an older woman as depicted in many tv shows and movies.


2. Eye makeup

It’s common knowledge that the skin on our eyelids is extremely delicate. Since the skin on the eyelids is the thinnest part of the face and entire body, the area is the most likely to show visible age from external attributes such as chronic allergies or the constant rubbing of the area. As it turns out, there is a correct way to remove makeup so as to avoid the appearance of wrinkles: gently apply petroleum jelly, cleansing oil, or cold cream on the entire area and let it sit for at least five minutes to enable these emulsifiers to stabilize and melt the eye make up. Proceed by gently wiping away the product with a cotton pad or soft tissue. Acne prone or oily-skinned individuals can apply the same trick as well.

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3. Tight ponytail

Wearing your hair up in a tight ponytail has a tendency to cause breakages along the hairline. As a result we end up with thinner scalp hair, often times even resulting to receding hairlines. Before you pull your hair back the next time, try to keep it loose.


4. Fad diets

Diet trends are all too common, and there are numerous reasons why they are bad for you. Aside from  causing unsustainable expectations, creating unhealthy meal solutions, yo-yo diets can take a toll on your skin. Weight fluctuations can cause your skin to lose elasticity fast. Maintaining a healthy and stable weight is better in increasing the skin’s tautness.


5. Overexaggerated facial expressions

Facial expressions are a normal part of day to day interactions and there is not wrong with them. Rather than sporting a constant poker face, it is simply important to be more aware of various habits such as brow raising or furrowing. Making the effort to reduce these facial expressions will aid in decreasing the chances of facial lines caused by these repetitive muscle movements on the face.

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6. Pillows

Anybody who is truly vigilant in taking care of their skin and face will have already been aware of wrinkles and breakouts caused by pillows. It is a fact that many of us have more visible wrinkles on the side of our face that we favor sleeping on. To eliminate their formation, it is widely suggested that silk pillowcases are a good investment, the same can be said about pillows that are well-shaped. Although pricier than most, changing your pillowcase can do wonders for your skin.


8. Fluorescent lighting

Not only does fluorescent lighting make pictures look odd, it happens to be bad for you. Research has shown that exposure to fluorescent light for eight hours a day and for as little as five days a week for a total of thirty to forty years can accumulate large doses of UV rays. Though the study does not show results related to skin cancer, it has significantly shown photo-aging and sun damage acceleration. This is why the use of SPF is important even when spending time indoors. Who’d have thought, right?


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