Have you ever stared at the shower drain and wondered why you're shedding too much hair, even when you think you've been taking good care of it? Sometimes, even if you're a true segurista when it comes to products, you still seem to be losing an awful lot of strands.

The thing is, it's not only about the kind of products you use (though they do play a large role). It's also about your lifestyle: so many things that you never thought can affect your scalp actually do. While there are causes that you can't really help--such as genetics--there are some that you can at the very least counter with a few tweaks. Here are ways on how to keep the shedding at a minimum.

1. Stop overstyling.

And most especially, stop overbleaching! Your hair needs to rest after every major change you subject it to, and if you don't give it a chance to breathe, you run the risk of having huge chunks of it breaking and falling out. It can be pretty freaky.

2. Avoid hairstyles that tug too much at your scalp.

Putting your hair in tight buns and ponytails may be causing your scalp prolonged trauma that after a while, strands just fall out. This is called traction alopecia, which is basically gradual hairloss caused by extended pulling. Best way to avoid this is to change hairstyles daily and to allow your scalp to breath by tying your tresses loosely.

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3. Try your best to stay healthy.

How healthy and illness-free you are affects your strands. Infections that cause high fevers can actually dehydrate you and your scalp, which can result in weak hair. Always have ample intake of water in order for hair follicles to stay nourished.

4. Stop crash dieting.

Crash diets are the wrong way to get slim. They shock your body and push it into survival mode. They also gets you malnourished, so basically, if you won't really get to your goal of looking fab fast, because aside from getting pale and wan, you'll also be shedding hair all over.



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5. Lessen your sources of stress.

Physical, emotional, and mental stress can manifest in hair loss. Similar to crash dieting, your anxieities can cause massive imbalance in your system, which will eventually affect and weaken your hair follicles. So if work is burning you out, allow yourself to take a break and have fun. Trust us--a bit of relaxation can go a long, long way.

6. Always read the ingredients in the products you buy.

There may be products out in the market that are way too strong for your sensitive scalp. While this can be something of a hit-and-miss since it takes time to find those that you are hiyang with, it's also good to be familiar with the ingredients of what you're using, and to take note which ones are causing more damage than good. 

7. Double-check your birth control.

Hormonal changes can cause hairfall, so if you feel that the contraceptive brand you're taking is the cause, ask your doctor if she can give you something much more suited for you.


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