You've probably experienced cleansing your face before leaving the house only to have dust and pollution stick on your skin by the time you get to the office. Yup, we feel you, which is why we're on board with the Instagram trend #triplecleanse, a skincare method that's making a comeback. Back in 2016, US-based online K-beauty retailer Soko Glam and websites Bustle and The Gloss have been talking about triple-cleansing.


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What is it?

This technique came from the sad truth that people don't really wash their faces properly; even after using an oil-based cleanser and facial wash, there's usually still some unseen dirt left in the pores. Triple-cleansing addresses that by ensuring that none of the gunk is left when you properly follow these simple steps:

1. Remove the initial layer of makeup with a cleansing wipe or micellar water.

2. Dissolve waterproof makeup and draw out deep-seated dirt with an oil-based cleanser.

3. Lather with a facial wash to clear water-based impurities.

We know it sounds a bit extra, but it's recommended for women who are living in a polluted and humid city, ladies who commute every day, or those who wear heavy makeup. And every scenario sounds like a situation most Pinays can find themselves in.

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Another variation of the triple-cleanse method would be to add a cleansing brush or a clay-based product.


Makeup remover wipes or soaked cotton pads with micellar water provide targeted cleaning for hard-to-reach areas like lash lines and the sides of your nose. Moreover, taking off the first layer of gunk before the whole shebang makes a big difference.

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