1. A powerful lipstick
Always carry around a tube of lipstick that can make you feel instantly confident and look made up in your bag. You can check out lipsticks in shades of dusty rose and red because both are office-appropriate and universally flattering.

2. A pen and a notepad

You experience light bulb moments at random times, so it's best to be armed with a pen and paper to jot down amazing ideas, stat. Also, it's better to write down important details discussed in a meeting than to type them on your phone.

3. Powerbank

Being out of battery juice can be a nightmare. To prevent this, have a reliable portable charger ready to back up your phone’s power supply.

4. Tissue

Be a girl scout and always carry a pack of tissue to tackle icky emergencies like lipstick marks, food spills, and nasal congestion. Plus, tissue can double as something you can write on!

5. Hand cream

Besides moisturizing dry hands, you can use hand cream on your hair as a frizz-fighter. Also, a thin layer of hand cream or lotion can remove static on clothing.

6. Business cards

Present yourself as a smart go-getter by always bringing business cards when meeting new people. This shows that you are a professional who is always ready to expand her network.

7. Snacks
Don't let yourself go hungry even when you're stuck in traffic or swamped with work. Always keep a filling snack in your bag. A pack of crackers, a bag of nuts, or an apple is enough to give you an energy punch.

IMAGE SOURCE: Instagram.com/garypeppergirl

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