Getting economical with your skincare doesn't stop at shopping for the best deals. Not wasting a drop of your favorite product is important as well, and you can do this with the tiniest tweaks in your current routine. That said, a basic change you can start ASAP involves your toner and essence. 

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Traditionally, toner is dispensed onto a cotton pad or a cotton ball before being swiped all over the face. This is usually done to get the extra gunk off your skin while spreading the product over it evenly. The same goes for essences. However, did you know that you can save so much product if you skip the cotton pad entirely and use your hands instead?

First of all, cotton pads absorb more liquid than your hands do, leaving you with more wastage. Second, the heat of your palms will help your skin absorb the toner or essence better. Not to mention, the absence of swiping your skin with a cotton pad prevents you from causing too much friction if you have sensitive skin.

We know it'd be difficult to kick cotton pads out of your beauty routine completely, especially with toner. Wiping off the excess gunk on your skin after cleansing is just too satisfying. If you're already double cleansing, however, skipping the cotton shouldn't pose problems for your pores.

It's the same for essences: Applying the product directly onto your skin means you'll get all the benefits with zero product waste. And who doesn't want that, right?

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