Apart from good genes, what makes a model stand out? At the launch of sister title Cosmopolitan Philippines', Cosmo's 8 Sexiest Models of 2015, consisting of Kelsey Merritt, Lisette Bendicion, Emerald Alshammari, Patch Magtanong, Emerald Villahermosa, Alaiza Malinao, Jack Manere, and Shermaine de Ramos, we found out.

We got to talk to the main gal of the moment, Kelsey, who, BTW, was discovered through Facebook by Candy's Editor-in-Chief, Sam Potenciano, and got to know more about how her modeling career has changed and her beauty secrets.

"Leading the pack of Cosmo's 8 Sexiest Models, you know it’s such a big thing. It happens every year, so to be part of the list feels super," says Kelsey. "Actually, they were trying to get me last year, but I was underaged. Finally I am of age! Finally I’m part of it na!"


Another career milestone she just had was signing a contract with Wilhelmina Models New York, and working abroad with It Girl and top model Gigi Hadid. Kelsey tells us how it was like working with someone as famous as Hadid. "She has this mysterious vibe. When we shot together, it was roof deck scene, and it was spring time. We were wearing dresses, super lamig. It was freezing, and then they (the crew) gave her and the other models heating pads. Nakita n'ya that we were freezing, so she offered some of her heating pads. I was like, 'Wow! Gigi, you’re so nice!'"

We were curious how things have changed now that Kelsey has gone global, but our beauty editorial favorite remains as grounded as ever. "I’m still the same girl. I’m still the same Kelsey you guys met, and the same one you've worked with," she reveals. Female Network has shot Kelsey for two beauty tutorials: one about highlighting and another on how to wear green eyeshadow. The camera loves her, so it was no surprise that she slayed both editorials. "It’s just that the work I do is more different now. It has broadened," she further explains.


Being one of the most in-demand models requires one to look gorgeous the whole time, so we just had to ask what her skincare regimen is. Kelsey confesses her extensive routine, "I have a super crazy skincare regimen. I have a face serum, an eye serum, an eyelash serum, and a lip serum—I use the one from Fresh, it’s the best! It plumps up your lips. I also put on a moisturizer, an eye cream, and a lip balm. I think my regimen takes 30 minutes before I go to bed." So girls, if you really want to have great skin, you have to work for it!

PHOTO: Instagram @antheabueno

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