Staying safely within the cold confines of an air-conditioned room all summer seems like a good plan to keep from sweating buckets, it unfortunately offers nothing in the fun department. Summer is after all meant for enjoying the outdoors and celebrating the wonderful sunshine. The unfortunate part is the sweat inducing temperature that soaks through shirts, frizzes up hair, and melts your meticulously contoured makeup within minutes. You’re in for at treat coz we’ve got tricks up our sleeves to help you stay cool, fresh and less sweaty this summer season.


Spicy food
Steer clear of some spicy hot wings, put down the Siracaha, and leave the chili-mansi instant noodles alone or at least until the cooler months roll in. Capsaicin found in spicy food is generally the sweat inducing culprit that sends a signal to the brain telling it that it is overheating. Like a chain reaction, this then puts your receptors into gear which then results to a reflex cooling response, which we all know as sweat.

Salty food

Besides foregoing the hot sauce, another thing on the list that you should eat less of is sodium-rich foods. Our bodies have to work double time whenever we consume high sodium dishes in order to rid us of this excess. And as you may have guessed, this is done through sweating. Opt for less salt or grab soy sauce that is low in sodium.



Be it in your tall order of frap, a small cup of steaming hot chai, or that scoop of coffee gelato, caffeine in any shape or form is in truth can trigger sweat in ways you cannot imagine. The more caffeine you ingest the bigger the chance of yo sweating buckets. This holds more truth when taken in its hot form. So hold the green tea or the Americano and go for a fruit juice or a cold refreshing glasses of H20.


Polyester /Acrylic
These two fabric types are sure fire ways to get those sweat glands churning. Not only do they get you sweaty, the material tends to stick to your skin once it soaks up moisture. Turn to fabrics that contain moisture wicking fibers or select some threads made of light cotton. On the plus side, athleisure apparel is hot right now and we don’t mean that in the sweaty way, think Paris Hilton: “That’s HOT!”

Clingy clothing
Save the bodycons for events where you’re sure the venue is fully airconditioned. Wear flowy fabrics that permit better circulation to keep you cool and dry while you are out and about.



Before your raise your eyebrows, know the difference between deo and antiperspirant. We hate to burst your sweaty bubble but they aren’t the same thing. Deodorant is designed to keep you smelling fresh like a field of flowers or shower fresh to mask that nose wrinkling odor buildup. Antiperspirant on the other hand, still smells great but is designed to curb the moisture levels. Many brands in the market offer antiperspirants that provide 24 hour protection with the help of molecules that leave the skin smooth, soft, odor and sweat-free.

If you cannot forego facepaint even for a single day, then make sure you are putting on light alternatives as opposed to heavy foundations and concealers that can clog your pores when you start sweating. The more clogged your pores are the more your body works to release the trapped sweat.

Hair product
Try to keep your hair away from your face and neck but go easy on the holding products. Keep them to a minimal and choose to smartly utilize bobby pins instead. They cause less hair damage and will keep those strands away from your skin.

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