The first step to anti-aging is protecting yourself from harmful UV rays, and as many of you already know, it's important to wear sunscreen before going out of the house. But were you aware that it is not only meant to be used when you're going to the beach or staying under the sun? It's a must that you still apply and re-apply suncreen even if you are staying indoors all day.

It's a fact that the sun emits UVA and UVB rays that cause aging and burning, but flourescent bulbs and computer screens give off UV rays, too. But don't get too paranoid about these yet! Flourescent lights have a special dye that covers the bulb, which then absorbs these rays. Some of it, though, can still pass through. Newer PCs also don't emit UV rays like the older models, so there's no need to be scared of your computer.


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What you need to be wary of, however, is this: UV rays can still pass through glass, so trains, vehicles, offices, malls, and even your house are areas where you can get UV damage. And it's more important to note that even on a cloudy day, UV rays are still present in the environment. This is why sunscreen is a huge must every day of the year.

The ideal amount to properly cover the face and body, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, would be a shot glass full. They also advise to put on sunscreen 15 minutes before going outdoors. It's also essential to be diligent with re-application after every two hours, especially after swimming or profuse sweating. 

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