We don't talk about it much, but this issue is very real: thigh chafing. Whether the hot spots may be in the singit or the inner thighs, the friction is bothersome and it causes darkening, too!

To help you deal with this issue, swipe on these ultra-emollient products on the bikini area and inner thighs:

This do-it-all balm creates a slippery coating that will prevent tight clothing from rubbing on your skin.


TRY: Lucas Papaw Ointment, P499, Watsons

It's no wonder this classic blue tin has been a household staple for decades. Its rich formula envelopes dry skin with just the right amount of moisture.

TRY: Nivea Creme, P234, Watsons

Excessive perspiration can sometimes make chafing 10 times more uncomfortable. Keep the humidity under control by dusting a sweat-absorbing powder on the bikini area and thighs. (We know this is for the feet, but a thin veil will surely help!)


TRY: Snoe Happy Heels Sweat Stop Foot Massage Absorbing Powder, P399, Zalora

This lightweight cream has oat milk, lavender oil, and cocoa butter that can soothe inflamed skin.

TRY: Lush Dream Cream, Glorietta

Anti-diaper rash creams can prevent chafing. This particular one is v safe for the areas near your lady parts because it's fragrance-free and made of organic ingredients.


TRY: Human Nature Nappy Cream, P249.75, Robinsons Supermarket

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