In honor of National Hot Tea Month (Yes, it's a thing!), we listed down all the benefits tea can give to your skin. And whether you prefer green, black, white, chamomile, or earl grey, etc, we bet by the end of this article, you'll be pouring one cup for yourself every day. 

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Shrinks eye bags

The Huffington Post reported that caffeine in tea helps eye bags disappear by shrinking "the blood vessels underneath the skin."

Soothes redness and irritation

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, pressing a cool tea bag or dipping a cotton ball in tea can calm down itchy bug bites or freshly-shaved skin. Plus, chamomile tea is noted for healing skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Amazing, right?

Gives the skin a healthy glow

Green tea is filled with anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Aside from helping lower your blood sugar levels, it also helps reduce toxins in your body. READ: It encourages glowing skin! So stock up on matcha and drink it to get that dew!


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Protects from UV rays

Love going to the beach? Then don't forget to pack a few bags of black tea! Drinking it will help protect your skin from too much sun exposure. Take note, though, this doesn't mean you should stop using actual sunscreen.

Treats sunburns

If you still end up with a sunburn, though, don't worry! Pat a towel soaked in chamomile tea to soothe and reduce the soreness.

Reduces skin blemishes

Tea's anti-oxidants help fight acne and wrinkles. And if used directly on the skin, it can even help fade acne marks

Hydrates skin

Aside from providing you with that warm, snuggly feeling, tea also helps with cell regeneration and tightening of pores, resulting in plumped and nourished skin.

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