Matching your haircut with your face shape is a beauty trick that will never let you down. So for those of you itching for a dramatic chop, here's a quick guide on how short you should go:


ROUND: Below the jawline

To frame your face and add some sharpness to your jawline, go for a cut that ends slightly below the chin. This should make your jaw area look more defined and angular. 

While you're at it, opt for layered ends or sideswept bangs to further frame and highlight your features. 

SQUARE: Chin-length

Show off your angular features with a chin-length trim, as it will accentuate your strong jawline and create the illusion of a slightly longer chin. 

But if you want to go shorter, a cropped pixie that ends right along your jaw can give you the same effect! Just try to keep your locks parted to the side to narrow the widest parts of your face.


OVAL/RECTANGLE: Below the chin/Above the brows

Because oval faces are neither too angular nor too round, it can be pretty easy to pick haircuts; however, you can opt to choose a haircut that stops about an inch below the chin if you wish to avoid elongating your face. 

Soften your features by adding a fringe that suits your preference! This technique also works for more angular, rectangle-shaped faces.

HEART: Slightly below the chin/Super short

To flatter the features of a heart-shaped face, snip your locks an inch below the chin. Anything shorter, such as a chin-length cut, will sharpen and elongate the lower half of your face. 

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