By now, just about much anyone can take a good selfie, but do you know what it takes to have a stunning selfie? Really, it's all in the details—you'd be surprised at how that slight head tilt or body angle adjustment can make a huuuge difference. With that in mind, allow these tips from pro photographers to guide you.


1. "Make sure your lens is clean." - Patrick Diokno

Before anything else, always make sure your equipment is clean. Whether you’re using a point and shoot, a DSLR camera, or your phone, make wiping your lenses a standard part of the selfie-taking routine. 

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2. "Find your light." - Dookie Ducay

Lighting is a very important element in any photograph. Soft lighting works best, but you can try experimenting with your phone’s flash. You can have the sun hit you directly, or you can try standing a few feet away from the window. Play around with what works best for your features.

3. "Take hold of anything reflective or white." - Shaira Luna

With your white or reflective surface, be sure to hold it around chest level and out of your frame if taking a close selfie. This will actually act as a soft reflector and lift shadows—instantly making you look fresher.


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4. "Enhance your jawline by stretching your head slightly forward." - Koji Arboleda

Highlighting your jawline is a foolproof and instant way to look photogenic. For this, you can try tilting your head at an angle to the side. You will find that this pose is universally flattering. 

5. "Elongate the neck." - Miguel Alomajan

This will enhance the contours and the shape of your face. Do this pose by imagining a string pulling your head. This motion allows your neck to elongate. Of course, you need to keep your back straight as well while you try to lengthen your neck. 

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