Let’s be honest: Knowing that you can score poreless skin from a bottle, an on-trend, bold pout from a designer tube of lipstick, or lustrous locks from an artisan shampoo is sometimes enough for you to cough up a few extra hundred pesos because you believe that it’s totally going to be worth it! But, keeping the economies of scale in mind, an exploding beauty overhead expense is not advisable. We summed up the facts on which products you should burn more cash on and which ones you should choose to scrimp on. Scroll down to see our infographic!



Mascara – You’ll toss this after three months, so it’s wise to keep your mascara expenses low.

Hand cream –
Any hand salve with moisturizing capabilities will keep ‘em soft and smooth.

Facial wash –
Department store brands offer hardworking facial cleansers that guarantee to lift away dirt and grime from your pores.


Foundation – Luxury brands come with with good-for-your-skin ingredients, long-wearing capabilities, and true-skin match shades. Also, foundation serves as a canvas for your whole makeup, so investing in a good one is a must!

– Great skincare backed up by good research and impressive ingredients will keep your youth locked and restored.

Eye primer
– If you’ve got a good one, any drugstore eye shadow will cling on for ages.

Eyelash curler
– Spending more on this tool will ensure a more ergonomic grip. Most costly curlers hug the eye contours nicely, preventing painful tugging and pulling of your lashes.

Nail polish
– The pricier brands do not include harmful ingredients like Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) which are extremely dangerous to fetal growth and can cause liver damage and cancer!
Conditioners and hair masks – These babies inject nourishment into your follicles, so picking one that boasts of essential oils and not just silicone fillers gets the grade.


Lipstick - Most expensive lipsticks have more pigments than drugstore brands, making them more long-wearing. But then again, these tubes will only keep you company for a year, so spending a few bucks on them is a wise decision. If you can’t help but buy that luxurious tube, maximize its use by wearing it multiple ways.

Shampoo – There is a slew of affordable hair sudsers that wash off all the dirt and nourish your locks in the market, but if you’re a firm believer (especially if your hair is chemically-treated) of that exquisite bottle of shampoo you order from the salon, that’s totally fine, too!

Makeup remover – While petroleum jelly, olive oil, and cold creams are economical buys to take off even the most stubborn makeup, investing in cleansing oils and micellar waters is a must. They act as both cleanser and skincare conditioner, helping your complexion recover from the layers of makeup and accumulated dirt throughout the day.

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