How many times have you gotten suckered into getting the latest hairstyle only to regret it the minute the stylist starts snipping your locks off or found yourself stuck in hair limbo trying to grow out that pixie cut turned hillbilly mohawk? Waiting for your hair to grow overnight with no help won't do you any good. Instead, try out these simple and cheap ways to get those tresses long and flowing once more.

Trim regularly.
Trust us when we say that trimming your hair will actually help encourage hair growth. It has been proven that hair grows a lot faster when regularly trimmed.This way, split ends are nipped in the bud ensuring the that the damage is kept at bay.

Get a dry scalp massage.
Massages given out pre- or post-salon work is not just given out for the heck of it. Science has proven that head massages help stimulate the flow of blood in the scalp, which, in turn, encourages quicker dissemination of nutrients to the follicles of the hair.

Or a wet one.
Use each shower time as an opportunity to massage your scalp. Avoid using your nails and gently work your fingertips, starting close to the nape of the neck, up towards the hairline. Like the dry scalp massage, the wet version also encourages the even spread of nutrients to your crowning glory.

We know that shampoo cleans away dirt and grime, but it has a tendency to strip away hair’s moisture. Conditioning the hair replenishes the hair’s lost nutrients while sealing in that much needed hydration.

Take vitamins.
Antioxidants containing vitamins, along with derivatives that include vitamin B, can help increase hair strength. Supplements such as biotin, which can easily be found in many local pharmacies and health food stores, are perfect for promoting nail and hair growth.

Get a cold water rinse.
We all know that warm water opens up pores, while cold water closes them. In the case of hair follicles, rinsing with cold water seals in the moisture and vitamins from your conditioner or hair treatment mask.

Lay off the heating tools.
Too much heat can fry hair. To avoid causing damage to your tresses, always apply heat protective products before using your blower or straightener.

PHOTO: Flickr Creative Commons/Mike Monaghan

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