If you're in it for the long haul, in-clinic (noninvasive) treatments will do you good. The key, as with everything in life, is finding what works for you and sticking to it. We've done the recon and divulge the findings for you in this neat and quick guide to treatments. Whatever your beauty concern, you'll find a fix here. 

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1. Belo Picosure

What feels like little warm flicks on your face is the laser "shots" the Picosure machine gives your skin, and what it flicks away is unevenness, acne scars, and even tattoos. You'll see results right away—some swear they've seen outstanding effects in only three sessions.

Get it: Belo Medical Center

Price: starts at P20,000

2. Repechange

For those who have extremely low pain tolerance and would rather doze off during a service, you can immerse yourself, literally, in Repechange, a four-layer brightening and anti-aging facial that employs elements of the sea (seaweed and mineral) all throughout the massage and masks.


Get it: Facial Care Centre

Price: starts at P24,000

If you have: DULLNESS

1. Geneo Facial

If you're cursed with a parched complexion, The Aivee Clinic's Geneo Facial is an ultra-hydrating, gently exfoliating solution that will plump your skin. 

Tip: Schedule this on a weekend or a day when you're headed home right after. The revitalizing serum, which they apply generously, is best left on the face overnight post-treatment.

Get it: The Aivee Clinic

Price: P6000/session 

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2. Clarins Smooth and Luminous Eyes

It's true: Dry skin around the eyes us the culprit behind crow's feet and tired-looking peepers. While you lie on the Clarins Spa's heated bed under a canopy of (painted) clouds, the therapist gently and ceremoniously massages your face throughout the service. The product contains caffeine to reduce puffiness, and tetrapeptides to make skin denser.

Get it: Clarins Spa, Rustan's Makati

Price: P1650

3. Carbon Laser

If you've been trying for ages to lighten stubborn uneven areas, you know that topical products take forever to work. If you're impatient or deeply invested in your skin (or both), this treatment changes the game. While the laser blasts away pigmentation, a carbon gel (that mysteriously reminds us of Ash Wednesday) smeared all over the face protects the skin while removing deep-seated impurities.

Get it: Vietura Spa, Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Price: P20,000

If you have: AGING SIGNS

1. Ultraface


It's like contouring, but of a permanent kind. All in 45 minutes, Ultraface uses a handpiece to heat fat cells under the skin, then another process to drain out the fat through the lymphatic system, and tightens the skin so it doesn't have loose when you lose the fat. Make it through 12 sessions for the best results. 

Get it: Facial Care Centre

Price: starts at P24,000

2. Sygmalift

A cold laser that gives you a knife-free facelift and cheek- and/or double-chin reduction with zero downtime and minimal to zero discomfort.

Get it: The Aivee Clinic

Price: P25,000/session

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This story originally appeared on Preview.ph.

* Minor edits have been made by the Femalenetwork.com editors.

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