We always prefer to keep things natural. Plus, when you live in forever-humid Philippines, having a layer of foundation on your whole face may feel sticky and heavy by midday. Scared of having a naked face? Don't be! In fact, international runway makeup artists do model's faces with little to no foundation. They simply spot conceal what needs coverage and allow the rest of the face to go bare.

Also, you need not be pressured to have perfect, flawless skin to pull this off. To give you a boost of encouragement, Mariah Leonard, a YouTube guru who's open about having sensitive and breakout-prone skin, shot a video of her not wearing an ounce of foundation yet managed to still look stunning. Here are some of her tips:

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1. Prep the skin

She divulged that she hydrated her whole face with moisturizer. Then, she applied blurring primer to smoothen the skin's texture.

2. Spot conceal the blemishes

Instead of covering the whole face, dab a bit of concealer on areas that really need it, like pimples, dark spots, and the under-eye area. Mariah even said that she likes it when the blemishes are still a bit visible so her skin still looks real.

3. Add dimension and color

Bring life to your face by brushing bronzer on the sides of the forehead, hollows of cheeks, and down to the jawline and chin. Sweep blush on the apples of your cheeks for a pretty flush.

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Know more about Mariah's whole technique below:

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