You may not be aware of this but some of your nighttime habits could be damaging to your skin. And with the inviting sight of your bed after a tiring day, you can't help but overlook these little mistakes. Are you guilty of committing any of these?

You use your phone before bedtime.

Besides depriving you of precious sleep, your phone houses a colony of germs and bacteria that your hands could transfer to your face. If possible, wipe the phone with an anti-bacterial wipe before bedtime.

You're a stomach-sleeper.
Your face is more prone to wrinkles and puffiness when you sleep on your stomach. Prop an extra pillow on your back to aid blood circulation and prevent excess puffiness in the morning.

Your air-con is on full blast.
Sleeping in a cold, cozy room might give you a comfortable slumber, but if you neglect to moisturize your face, you'll wake up to dry skin the next day. But of course, you should always put on moisturizer every night for supple, youthful skin.

SCREENSHOT: Gossip Girl/The CW (2007)

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