For model and body positive activist Iskra Lawrence, what you see on Instagram is rarely what it is in real life. Posing a certain way, for example, can instantly alter how your body looks in photos, and she has proof. In a video with Elle, she revealed seven body angling tricks that models like herself commonly use on social media.

As someone who's been modeling for 14 years, Iskra explains that this is her way of spreading awareness about the reality behind perfected images. "You guys deserve to know when you're looking at photos what's really going on," she says in the video. This way, the next time you see a flawless Instagram model posing in her swimsuit in the Maldives, you'll know exactly why her body appears perfectly sculpted. Iskra adds, "Not everything is real, but you are."

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Check out the video below!

To really show you how well her tips work, here's how Iskra used them on her own feed:

1. To cheat slimmer thighs

As she mentioned in the tutorial, tilting your pelvis back can give the feel of a thigh gap. You don't need to have one in real life!

2. To make your arms appear more defined

Putting your arms in the background instead of the foreground can make them look slimmer and more defined.

3. To hide a double chin

Iskra suggests jutting your chin outwards to stretch the neck and reduce the appearance of a double chin.

4. To give the illusion of wider hips

Rest your weight on one side to pop those hips!

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5. To accentuate your bum

When you want to flaunt that peach, Iskra recommends turning to one side and putting your bum in the foreground of the picture.

6. To reduce back rolls

While there's nothing wrong with having back rolls, you should also know how easy it is to look like they don't exist. Simply lift your upper body before the camera clicks!


7. To get a firm, smooth belly while sitting

Our stomach rolls show when we sit—that's just the way it is! But according to Iskra, stretching your body outwards will flatten the area in seconds.

The bottom line is that those pretty photos in your IG feed are basically illusions. They're all about the right lighting and angles! Know that your body can do everything Iskra did; as she said in the video, "you're imperfectly perfect," and that's more than enough.

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