Having been in the entertainment industry for more than 30 years, host-actress Kris Aquino has mastered which makeup looks work for her best.

In an interview with PEP.ph, she said, "One, find an artist or at least three—for me three because the work is every day—that really gets your face and when you get it, don't experiment."


Kris's current go-to makeup artist is RB Chanco.

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Her second beauty tip: Learn how to do your own brows.

Kris explained, "Magpaturo kayo how to do your eyebrows properly. Microblading or brow rejuvenation is expensive."

She said the price range can start at P12,000, and revealed she has paid as much as P30,000++ for an eyebrow job.

But she reasoned, "Kilay is life talaga, kilay is everything... Pag maganda na kilay mo, you can conquer the world.

"Meron talaga akong ganung [paniniwala]. It's really true. I'm really a believer na kilay is life. Yes, it really is."

She emphasized, "Don't make it an afterthought, and the wrong kilay will age you... Even if pinagawa mo 'yun, you still need to know how to do your brows properly."

Kris also said having a good base for makeup—clear, hydrated skin—is the most important part.


To maintain her healthy and glowing skin, Kris said drinking enough water and having enough sleep are her secrets.

She expounded, "After the kilay, I think that people really ask, 'How do you maintain your skin?' I'm really hydrated. I drink a lot of water. I think that is so important.

"And I sleep. I know hindi uso—I know people who binge watch—[but] it's so accessible.

"Parang it's a competition to say, 'No, I only have four hours of sleep.'

"You're gonna pay for it. Matulog kayo. It's anywhere from seven to nine hours, depending on your body type, that is the ideal.

"Don't deprive of sleep because you need it, your skin needs it, your body needs it."

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Kris added, "Actually, it all begins with skin hygiene kasi kahit gaano kaganda 'yung makeup na gamitin mo.

"It's a canvass right? So if the canvass is not makinis at di mo inalagaan, good luck to you.


"No amount of skills, kasi halatang-halatang pag puro concealer, e.

"And come on, lets admit it talaga, pag nakita mo 'yung picture sa Instagram and alam mo na naka-ilang beauty filter ang ginamit, nao-off ka talaga, right.

"There's a certain level lang talaga of beautification that's allowed as far as filters are concerned, but the rest, it comes from you.

"So for you, for them, and for me, important talaga is to start with skin that's good."

Kris reminds every one to prepare your face for makeup with a primer—a base for foundation to make it last longer, and for the skin to be smoother.

She told PEP.ph, "Ang realization ko is that there is primer which is not yet really a Pinoy thing but it's super important...

"Most women forget that. Dito, diretso pulbos na. Primer counts and it matters."


She also doesn't mind mixing high-end makeup with affordable ones.

Kris said, "You have to mix high and low. By saying mix high and low, there are certain products you will splurge on and there are certain that I'm so proud are less than P300 but are at par with the P2000 ones."

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This story originally appeared on Pep.ph.

* Minor edits have been made by the Femalenetwork.com editors.

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