While some prefer to invest in skincare products to prep for their wedding, Iza Calzado went another route for her nuptials. Instead of piling on the creams, she let her dermatologist take over, investing in beauty treatments for her best skin ever.

One of the key treatments included in her wedding prep is Belo's Thermage, a skin-tightening treatment that helps lift and contour the face. "I'm 36 and I need a little help boosting collagen production, so I drink bone broth, take collagen tablets, and use moisturizer," Iza tells the beauty clinic. "Thermage just helps me take things to the next level. It's preventive, non-invasive, and after just one treatment, my skin felt tighter instantly—it was like I drank five gallons of bone broth and applied five gallons of moisturizer."

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Since it's non-invasive, the machine works not through injections, but by using bulk heating on the skin that helps stimulate collagen. However, Dr. Vicki Belo says that it's by no means painful, since her clinic uses a cold component that prevents patients from feeling the high temperature. Watch the video below to see how it works:

According to the clinic, the results of Thermage are progressive, which means that from the day you get the treatment, its effects will gradually build over time. It's said that the results will reach their peak after six months, so if you're a bride-to-be, schedule your appointment strategically! Iza also did the treatment in advance, though she says she noticed immediate results, too—"Right after the treatment, I felt a lift right away. After two weeks, I started getting compliments about how my skin looked better and tighter."

Thermage sessions only last for an hour and have zero downtime, so it shouldn't take too much time out of your busy schedule. In fact, even non-brides can try it out for that naturally-contoured look! Maintenance isn't too much of a hassle either, as women in their 30s are recommended to do it only once every two years, while those in their 40s can opt for annual treatments.


For more information on Thermage, visit Belo Medical Group's official website.

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