1We are used to resurrecting our complexions with night creams right before we sleep, so why not do the same for the tresses? Take your beauty sleep to another level and score amazing locks while you get your ZZZ’s! Here, we present easy lifestyle changes you can do to make your mane look amazing as soon as you get up. Scroll down to see our tips.

Don’t sleep with wet hair.
Never doze off with dripping locks. Besides waking up with ugly bends on your hair, sleeping with wet hair will give your locks and scalp an odd smell. Your body heat against the pillow may dry your strands, but light sweating and drenched hair do not make a good mix scent-wise. Dry your hair with a micro-fiber towel until it’s 70 percent damp before you plop in bed.

Use a silk pillowcase.
Besides making you feel like a rich girl, the refined fabric can lessen friction and abrasion that eventually lead to hair breakage.

Go easy on hair-brushing.
Dump the age-old myth of brushing your hair 100 times to make it lustrous and lush. The ugly truth: Excessive brushing weakens the follicles! Just brush your hair to keep the tangles away. If you want to stimulate your scalp’s blood circulation, massage your head with your fingers instead.
Style your hair while you sleep.
Gather hair into a top knot or braid them to create soft, natural waves the next morning. Unravel the plaits when you get up and set with hairspray—you just cut your styling time by half! Doing this can also prevent your long mane from tangling—a leading culprit in hair damage.

Recharge your scalp overnight.
Reboot your hair’s strength and shine by gently rubbing a hair-rejuvenating product on the scalp and tresses. L’Occitane’s Scalp and Hair Tonic (P1,150 at Rustan’s branches) is silicone-free, plugs in nutrients, and frees your scalp of excess sebum. Doing so will help your hair naturally restore itself.

1(PHOTO: Flickr Creative Commons; GIF: Giphy)

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