1Makeup is awesome, and clothes are awesome, too! But when your makeup starts messing with your beloved clothes—it's a disaster! Don't you just feel like crying when your foundation smears on your white lace blouse? Or won't your heart break when your liner stains your newly-purchased crisp blush jacket. Fret not! We've got all the stain-eliminating hacks you need to know below. Read on and learn!

The Culprit: Liquid Foundation
A small amount of shaving cream is enough to dissolve your oil-free foundation, while dishwashing liquid works for oil-based ones. Simply wet the area, rub gently to lift the makeup off, and dump it in the wash. This method is applicable for cotton and polyester fabrics. If you're dealing with fancy fabrics like wool, satin, or silk, take them to the pros. 

The Culprit: Face Powder
Shake the excess powder off, spot clean the remaining stain with micellar water (the water-like makeup remover), and throw it in the washing machine. This also works for other powder-based makeup like eye shadow and blush.

The Culprit: Lipstick 
Since most lipsticks are oil-based, they can be tough to remove. As soon as you spot the stain, dip a small cloth in a dishwashing liquid and water solution to separate the oils and pigment from the fabric. Rub it gently, rinse, and repeat until it all comes off.

The Culprit: Mascara
Rid your outfit of mascara and liner stains with makeup remover wipes or a spritz of hairspray. Spatter on the fabric, and let the alcohol content of the hairspray loosen up the pigment and oils.

The Culprit: Lipgloss
Do not wipe the lipgloss because doing so will push the product further into the fabric! Instead, scrape the lip gloss off the clothing, saturate with hairspray, and wash it in warm, soapy water.

PHOTO: Instagram @DearKTea 

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