1. Check your arches’ natural shape.

We’re talking about the brows you were born with. Take a look at your old photos pre-tweezing to see if your eyebrows are angular, curved, or straight.

2. Let them grow.

To regain lush brows, stay away from waxing and threading salons for at least eight weeks. You can also try a brow and lash serum that pumps nutrients into follicles to make ‘em grow thick. Here’s a more in-depth explanation of how you can resurrect thin brows.

3. Groom them properly.
Now that your natural shape has shown itself, it’s time to prune your arches. Any stray hairs outside of the natural shape are meant to be taken out—resist from plucking any more than necessary. With each strand that you tweeze, step back from the mirror to check if you're pulling out the right amount of hair. You may also try tinting your eyebrows with a pencil first, so it will be easier for you to spot and remove stray hairs outside.

4. Find the right product.
The biggest mistake most women make is using a brow product in the wrong color. Ideally, your eyebrows should be one to two shades lighter than your hair. To reinforce your arches, the safest color choice would be taupe, a neutral soft brown. Pick a type of product depending on your skillset: brow pencils and pens for rookies and powders for the experienced.

5. Measure your brows.
They should start right by the bridge of your nose, with the highest point right above the pupil. To know where the tail ends, use a pencil and place one end of it at the corner of your lip and slant the other end to the side to meet your tail.

6. Fill them in.
Instead of simply drawing them on, use feathery strokes to mimic brow hairs. Pay the most attention to the arch and the tail—this area should be defined and darker than the rest of the brow. Use a spoolie brush on the inner brow to blend out the pigment, making it the lightest area of the eyebrow. This trick makes your face-framers look more 3D.

Also, do not pressure yourself to perfect every angle. Brows are meant to be sisters, and not twins. If the right brow isn’t the exact shape as the left one, don’t get stressed out. As long as they’re both the same thickness and height, you’re good.

7. Lock them in.
To preserve your hard work throughout the day, you can lightly dust translucent powder or coat each follicle with a brow gel. Brow gels are more recommended because they thicken each brow hair, making your arches look fuller than ever.

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